Kustom Charters

(844) 872 3353
PO Box 190337 Miami Beach, FL 33119

What is the dress code for the boat ? 

We encourage you to show up WATER READY. Bring hats and caps for solar protection as well as a towel for your comfort. Please keep it to a minimum and possibly in a secure soft bag. SPRAYS & SOLAR LOTIONS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BE USED ONBOARD.
We will collect all shoes at the dock prior boarding. ABSOLUTELY NO SHOES ON DECK.

Can we bring electronics and valuables on-board ?

 YES, but we encourage you to carry a MINIMUM EFFECTS as WE CANNOT GUARANTEE SAFE STORAGE room for all your belongings.

Can we bring pets ?

Sorry , we love them too, but WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY PETS ONBOARD for everyone comfort and security. 

Are beverages and food allowed the Kustom ? 

All beverages except RED WINE/DRINK are allowed on board. FOOD is not allowed on our 2 or 3 hour charters.

 Can we smoke or use electronic cigarettes on-board ? 

Sorry, smoking is not permitted, However, the use of the electronic cigarette is tolerated.

What is your weather policy ?

It always rains in Miami, and therefore rain is certainly possible. Rain is NOT a ground for cancellation. We will monitor the weather as we get closer to your scheduled departure and will update you. UNLESS we inform you in advance that your charter is canceled, YOU MUST show up on time at the marina for your scheduled trip. ONLY your Captain can decide if the conditions are safe to go out, and we ONLY issue refunds if your captain feels it is NOT safe to be on the water!  -  No Other Exceptions.