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Family first

We are a family operated charter that takes pride in our yacht with over 20 years experience. Captain Derek is a USCG licensed Captain with a perfect safety record. When you come aboard the crew will make you feel at home, with personalities that are laid back, easy going and friendly.

Our goal is to offer our guests an experience of a lifetime, creating an environment for adventure, joy and happiness. We love what we do and we would like to share this wonderful world with you.

We strive to be the 110% best crew we can be every trip.

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Captain Derek

Here at, Happy Cruises, we feel the only way to really appreciate our services is through our guests and their reviews. We cherish every comment and effort made by our guests to better our service.

It is an added bonus to experience new people and stories on every trip.

Words from our Captain

I came to Miami 30 years ago from the Carribean island of Trinidad and Tobago. I have been handling boats since I was 7 years old, and I cannot imagine being anywhere else. It is a true privilege to be on the yacht cruising the beautiful waters of Miami.

I am very blessed that I am able to wake up every day and actualize my dream job. My goal is to share this amazing yacht and the beauty of Miami with as many guests as possible, while enjoying their company and time.

Stewardess Sabrina

I've learned so much from my father, and I love going on board and helping with the family business. It's an extra bonus that I get to tan while I work! This is definitely one of the best jobs I've ever had! Not to mention how much I have learned so much from our trips around Miami.

  • I never get tired of seeing the Miami skyline--night or day.
  • One day I strive to own and pilot a few boats of my own.
  • Customer satisfaction and service has helped me become the friendly, outgoing person I am today.

You truly realize how lucky you are live in paradise when your office is a charter yacht and the open sea. Come aboard our ship and let us take you around to experience sights and animals you've never seen before!