Croisiere Privee Miami

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3585 NE 207th Street Aventura, FL 33180

We love the ocean, the sea and its eco-system. That is why we respect these dolphins and their environment.

Most players, they follow the Miami cruise ship , we show their acrobatic feats!

Of course, these dolphins are wild animals and only the captain can allow swimmers to get in the water to meet them.

You will live an intense moment with nature.

This experience and observe these dolphins will leave a lasting impression.

French, installed in several years, we fell in love with this corner of paradise.

This is why we want to share with you these "corners" & Landscapes breathtaking.

Miami cruise  offers activities environmentally as swimming in the crystal clear waters of a turquoise close to paradise islands.

Not to mention, the  snorkeling  is practiced with a mask, snorkel and flippers. You will be amazed by the marine life that awaits you.

Also, it will not be impossible to see iguanas and feed raccoons

Whether you are with family, friends or lovers, then you can see the sunset over Miami and a night arrived by sea in the city of Miami flooded with lights.