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Rent a Jet Ski with Miami Waterlife Tours. We will make your time one to remember. Imagine a fun filled day under the tropical.

Miami sun as you enjoy one of our many watercraft adventures. Jet ski, parasailing, kitesurfing, SUP paddle board rentals, kayaking and sport yachts are just the beginning. Miami Waterlife Tours is owned and operated by Miami locals.

Jetski Rentals in Miami

BISCAYNE BAY TOUR: This hour and a half tour starts from our home base at Rickenbacker Marina in Key Biscayne. We ride across Biscayne Bay past the Miami Sky Scrapers to Bayside Market Place. After a brief tour we continue on our jet ski tour to visit the Historical Viscaya Mansion followed by a jet ski run or dip in the shallow clear waters of the Mashta Flats.

ISLANDS OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS: Visit the Islands of the Rich and Famous on this hour and a half guided tour. Ride past Star Island where you will see the homes of P. Diddy and Gloria Estefan to name a few. Fisher Island which is only accessible by boat or ferry and is home to the historical Vanderbilt house. Ending the tour on Monument Island where you can soak up some sun on the beautiful beach.

KEY BISCAYNE HISTORICAL TOUR: Key Biscayne once home to the largest coconut plantation in the US is now an exclusive Island Paradise surrounded by Biscayne National Park located just a few miles south and contains two parks; Crandon Park and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. We start the tour from Rickenbacker Marina to Hurricane cove where you will visit the exclusive mansions on this Island including the former home of President Nixon. Navigating our way through the many channels we will cruise past No Name Harbor to Bill Baggs National Park to see the Historic Key Biscayne Light House. After our history lesson we will have some fun in the sun on clear waters of the Key Biscayne Sand Bar.

1/2 H $80 Free Ride or Tour

1 H $140 Free Ride or Tour

Kayak Rentals in Miami

Kауаking in Miami is without a doubt the perfect орtiоn, an affordable way to explore the great outdoors with the whole family.

Even first-timers can get the hang of it in a short time. Around the Bay Area that boast stress-free paddling conditions, picture-perfect views, and the chance to get up close and personal with a sea creature.

You саn tаkе in all thе sights and ѕоundѕ оf thе bеасh at your оwn pace mаking it аn ideal асtivitу fоr thе whоlе family.


$10 Every Additional Hour

SUP Rentals in Miami

A growing wаtеr асtivitу with Hаwаiiаn rооtѕ, саllеd раddlе bоаrding iѕ a bеttеr fit in Miаmi compared tо ѕurfing, bесаuѕе of thе flat, саlm waters.

Stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world and there’s no better place to get your feet wet than the waters of Miami, where the weather is perfect and the views are incredible.

We have a large fleet of Stand Up Paddleboards for rental. A staff person will be on the dock to give you an orientation that includes basic paddling techniques, different routes, and safety protocols.


$10 Every Additional Hour

Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami