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Aqua-Jet is a rapidly expanding international opportunity.If you want to be a part of owning your own Aqua-Jet buniness, contact Aqua-jet Miami.We can help you be successful every step of the way.

Flyboard experience - Best Water Sports in Miami

  • Through the water propulsion of a Jetski turbine, the flyboard is a new extreme sport which allows the user to fly in the air above the water. Aquajet Miami is specialised in Flyboards since 2015 and offers you the most unforgettable flying experience in Miami area.
  • Invented 2012 by a French water-craft rider, Franky Zapata, the flyboard is a device, which allows to stay stable in the air. Part wakeboarding, part jet skiing, the flyboard user stand on his two feet, controls the direction and manipulate the spray of the jets for managing the power of the device.
  • Searching for what to do in Miami ? Seeking for a sensational experience, something new and exciting ? Book your flyboard session in Miami now !


Jetpack experience

  • Born from science fiction in the 60’s, the concept of Jetpack is a hydro engineering system which allows you to fly up to 60 feet above the water. Some decades ago, water jetpack was a luxury sport only allowed to millionaires. Nowadays, thanks to AquaJet Miami introducing for the first time all inclusive prices under $130 per flightrenting a jetpack is affordable, and the most exciting outdoor-recreational activity you can do.Settled in Miami in 2015, AquaJet offers you a safe and convenient Jetpack rental experience. Discover all our Jetpack offers in Miami, the description of the jetpack experience, the renting cost and the booking process.

Kid / Tandem Jetpack experience

Fly above the water with a tandem jetpack. Be prepared to be wet as the flight session starts and ends in the water. A totally unique experience and a fantastic way to surprise your kids, friends, and family. Move above the water, up to 10 meters in the air, for a safe and easy flight. Aquajet Miami was the first one in the world to introduce commercial tandem flights ! Benefit from our highly professional and experienced staff. Our Tandem Jetpack experience in Miami offers you incredible pictures for unforgettable memories !

Tubing experience

You’re living in Miami, or you’re on a vacation ? Looking for speed, thrills, and wet excitement with friends or family ? Try our inflatable tubing boat ride! The tubing boat experience is a sure way to make the whole family laugh. Rides can be calm and relaxing or fun and adventurous, depending on your mood. Simular to a banana boat, our tubing boat is pulled by a jet ski, and can accommodate up to three riders. This ride is perfect for groups, kids, teens, families, friends, birthdays, wedding or bachelor / bachelorette parties. Your only duty is to have fun and hang on tight. On the tubing rides, you’re just some inches from the water. Our tubing boat can accommodate up to 3 people, and are available to kids, teens or adults as well.

Wakesurf / wakeboard school

  • Wakesurfing and wakeboarding are two exciting and popular sports that consist in riding waves and boat wakes while performing tricks. Board onto our brand new Nautique G21 and get the advice of a Pro ! Our Instructor will teach you how to get out of the water for the first time or how to improve your riding style and tricks for the more advance.
  • Aquajet Miami provide you with exciting wakesurf and wakeboard lesson, from our Wakesurf / wakeboard school in Miami. The wakeboard / wakesurf school is perfect for all ages and skill level, family friendly and includes all the necessary equipment. Fuel and Soft drinks are included along with a high end sound system! Fun and adrenaline guaranteed! Waterboard / watersurf school membership price
  • Contact us directly for more information concerning Membership. Please Call 1-305-713-2692 FOR BOOKING.

Wakeboard / Wakesurf / Water ski advices

  • Wear a bathing suit. Please keep in mind that it is a watersport activity and you may get wet.
  • Bring a towel, sunscreen, water, and snacks.

·        Arrive 15mn before the scheduled reservation.

Be prepared for your parasailing session

Part parasailing and part boat ridethe session last about 45 mn, so you should come 15mn ahead for the equipment and instructions and plan about an hour for the whole activity. We recommend you to wear bathing suits and shorts, tshirts and flip flop, as for being comfortable, but indeed you don’t have to be wet for this activity. As the weather can be a bit cold in the morning, you can either wear just whatever suits you. If you’re visiting Miami, and as the weather can be changing, we recommend you to plan your your parasailing session in the beginning of your trip, so that we can postpone the reservation on another day, if the weather conditions are not good enough.

  • Parasailing price

Our Parasailing sessions prices start from 49 dollars per session.

  • Parasailing booking process

Our booking process is very simple. Go on the activities booking page, select your activity, choose the details of your session, choose the date, and pay online. Book now. Parasailing advices

  • Wear a bathing suit. Please keep in mind that it is a watersport activity and you may get wet.
  • Bring a towel, sunscreen, water, and snacks.

·        Arrive 15mn before the scheduled reservation.