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Welcome to the world of luxury, high seas, and Miami yacht rentals. Whether you’re looking to rent a yacht to escape the stress of everyday life for just a few hours, book a dream vacation on the open seas, or make a reservation for an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime, Anker Charters has the finest selection of high-end yachts to transform your dream into a reality.

Our fleet of prestigious yachts ranges from the majestic 154-foot Dutch BG mega yacht that sleeps up to 12 people down to tight and speedy 40-foot vessels that are perfect for a quick cruise over the waves. Our yachts are outfitted with various features, including sun pads, jacuzzi baths, and elegant staterooms, as well as options for jet skis and kayaks.

Dozens of food and beverage packages are available, including options for custom catering, reservations at high-end restaurants, bottles of chilled champagne, docking at world-renowned docks with à la carte onboard service, and more. Our knowledgeable captains and crewmen will tend to your every need, so that the only concern you’ll have is whether you should take a dip in the ocean before or after lunch. When you charter a yacht with Anker Charters, you are reserving more than an impressive vessel—you are gaining entry into an exclusive world of luxury and oceanic escape.

In addition to yacht rentals, Anker Charters also offers activities packages, so you and your companions can make the most of the adrenaline of riding the waves. For clients who want to combine the thrill of a yacht with the wonders of a destination vacation, we also have a selection of options to top getaways like the Florida Keys or the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean.

At Anker Yachts, we know what dreams are made of: luxury, yachts, and the freedom of the open seas. To make your dream a reality, browse our fleet of yachts and contact us today.


Embark on an adventure at the corner of commotion and adrenaline with sensation never experienced before.

Ready to get amped and feel the adrenaline pumping? A yacht charter in Miami doesn’t just have to be about luxury and sunbathing—it can also be about extreme fun and intense thrills. Try our adrenaline yachting experience, and we’ll outfit you with a fly-board, jetpack and a ticket for the ride of your life. Feel yourself shoot into the air and soar as high as 40 feet over the waves for an ultimate experience of fun in air and water. Awesome for flying over water like Iron Man and even better for pulling crazy stunts, fly boarding is an experience only for the thrill seekers and the daring.


Made for height lovers, this package requires a minimum charter time of 6 hours to fully enjoy the experience. Our team of water sports specialists will meet you at your location with a fly-board and a jetpack to make you fly and ride the air for two hours. While the fly board takes you 40 feet in the air at speeds exceeding 25 mph, jet-packing is the closest experience to becoming a real life Iron Man.


Whether wake-boarding, waterskiing, wake-surfing or tubing floats your boat, this package lets you have either one of them meet you directly on your yacht for $250 an hour. Let us know in the instruction box which one to reserve for you and consider it done. Feeling like going for a couple hours with different toys, just select the suiting amount of packages and let us know which toys you’d like to have on board.


An adrenaline benchmark in the open ocean, experience jet skiing with your friends when our instructors deliver them on your yacht

Feel the thrill and energy of cruising the waves with the ultimate experience in yacht rental in Miami: jet skiing. Our selection of fast, built-for-speed jet skis can be added to your yacht experience, so you can make the most of the open ocean. Don’t want to ride solo? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Reserve enough jet skis for you and all your friends, so you can hit the waves as a crew. Whether you’re a newbie or this isn’t your first ride, we’ve got a team of professionals ready to help you get your jet ski game on.