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Best Waterfront Restaurant - Seafood

Join us for a twelve course, nose-to-tail dining event, featuring cuts from the whole cow and beverage pairings to match.

Price: $135pp, plus tax and gratuity.

THE VIP TABLE COMPETITION HAS ENDED Congrats to all of the winners – Erica S, Brian S, Kristen K, Joel P & Jose S!

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The Ultimate Beef Experience

On Wednesday, November 14th, join us at our inaugural The Whole Cow event, a nose-to-tail dining experience featuring cuts from the whole cow.

This one-night-only epicurean experience will feature a 12-course tasting menu, accompanied by drink pairings and an insider look at our sustainable sourcing process. We embrace the age-old philosophy of wasting nothing and celebrating everything, and we'll guide you on this journey from farm-to-filet. Take a look at the full menu below.

We are so excited to share The Whole Cow with you and our entire team looks forward to welcoming you at Smith & Wollensky

Classic American fine dining steakhouse featuring USDA Prime dry-aged steaks, premium seafood and award winning wines.

Located in Miami Beach

Smith & Wollensky, recognized as “America’s Steakhouse” and famously known for its USDA Prime dry-aged steaks in-house, premium seafood, award-winning wine lists and upscale event spaces located in iconic settings across the US and beyond. Based in Boston, Smith & Wollensky holds locations in Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami Beach, London and coming soon to Wellesley, Massachusetts, as well as Wollensky’s Grill in Chicago. Smith & Wollensky NYC is separately owned and operated, Quality Branded.


We don’t believe in shortcuts. Perfection is attained through hard work, patience, and loyalty to the process. That’s why we dry-age our USDA Prime steaks in-house for 28 days – our signature process for creating the most tender and flavorful steak we’re long known for.

The Whole Cow Dinner offers cuts that are particularly unique, which require that we adapt to the cooking methods best suited for them. As a result, preparations for this event will start over a week in advance as we butcher, cure and brine some of these cuts to develop their flavors.


Finding new and innovative ways to serve all parts of the animal is a creative challenge that Corporate Executive Chef Matt King relishes. “An event like this allows me to venture outside the traditional steakhouse fare and bring our guests further into a beef eating experience beyond the ribeye or filet that they are familiar with,” he says.

A 12-course meal, prepared with a variety of techniques and cuts, is no small task. But ask Chef Matt about it and he says, “Who better to do it than the classically trained chefs at America’s Steakhouse?”


A premium wine pairing with one’s steak is essential to the true steakhouse experience. The perfect wine pairing exposes a hidden anatomy of flavors – a beautiful profile of sweet and savory, juicy and dry – that stands up to the steak’s rich flavors.

With these 12 exquisite beef courses, we’ll be offering complementing wines for pairings. But we take it a step further with beer pairings, classic steakhouse cocktails and new specialty drinks, too - for what will make it a truly unparalleled beverage experience.


Throughout it all, from course to course, we’ll be right alongside, sharing our process with you. Knowledge is great, but S&W employees aren’t just knowledgeable. They’re experts. And that all starts with a love for the craft and a passion for hospitality.

At S&W, our employees are our family. And they’ll be guiding you on this farm-to-filet journey.


The goal here is to push your boundaries, expose you to something you may have never tried before, and to embrace the many cuts of meat that the cow can offer. We will highlight a variety of cooking methods, from braising to confit and even a pâté, bringing your tastebuds on an unparalleled journey.

The Rib Eye is still king, but it’s only the beginning. Experience The Whole Cow at Smith & Wollensky.

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