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We offer a wide array of charter types and locations. Miami Flats Fishing guide, Half day or full day. take a look at all of our info to begin planning your epic day on the water with Silver King Charters. You can find details and information at the link below.

THE FISHING Best Miami Fishing Charters

Miami Flats fishing guide, Silver King Charters is dedicated to fly fishing and light tackle in all of the best South Florida fisheries. Whether you are looking to target Tarpon, Biscayne Bay Bonefish and permit, Flamingo Redfish or snook – We have you covered.

My name is Alex Zapata, a USCG licensed and insured Captain. I guide fisherman on the beautiful flats of Biscayne Bay, the Everglades and the Florida Keys. I have been fishing the waters of South Florida and the Keys for over 15 years. My goal is to show you a great time on the water. I’m a laid back and patient guide who will work very hard to make your day on the water a success.

Come fish with me and experience the beauty and great fishing that South Florida has to offer.


The Hells Bay Marquesa, equipped with a Yamaha 115 four stroke, is the ultimate fly fishing and light tackle flats skiff. Extremely stable, spacious yet light and versatile, It allows me to make long and fast runs into the backcountry while keeping my clients dry and comfortable. The Hells Bay Marquesa is dead quiet, nimble on the push pole and floats in 8″ of water. It is an awesome fishing machine for tarpon, permit, bonefish and backcountry fishing.

2018 Hells Bay Marq



Bonefish are one of the most sought after fish in Biscayne bay and the keys. Their nickname is the “grey ghost of the flats” as they are covered with mirror like scales that reflect the bottom of the sea providing them amazing camouflage. These fish are very challenging to catch and require a very stealthy approach and accurate presentation. Bonefish are pound for pound one of the strongest fish in the sea. A five pound Bonefish can easily rip off 100 yards of line out of your reel in only a few seconds. Their blistering runs and elusiveness make them one of the most coveted targets on the flats. We will be sight fishing for these fish with a 10 pound spinning outfit with a live shrimp or crab or a 8wt or 9wt fly outfit. Biscayne Bay, Key Largo and Islamorada hold some of the biggest Bonefish you will find anywhere in the world. Fish over 10 lbs are common and several giants over the 15 pound range have been caught in Florida. Whether you are a beginner or you have already traveled to the Bahamas, Belize, or Mexico and want to take your Bonefishing to the next level – I will be happy to help you catch that big elusive Bonefish.


Permit are one most beautiful and powerful fish that swim the flats. These fish are extremely wary and require a very stealthy approach as well as accurate casting. The flats of Biscayne Bay and the Keys are world famous for Permit. Again, as is the case with Bonefish, here you will find some of the biggest Permit you can find anywhere. Permit over 30 pounds are common catches in the flats of South Florida. We will be sight fishing for these fish on either a 12 pound spinning outfit or a 9 or 10wt fly outfit. If you have always dreamed about catching your first Permit on a fly rod, the Keys are the place to do it. Be ready to make accurate shots and deliver big flies in windy conditions. Windy conditions make Permit less wary and easier to approach for a fly or live crab presentation.


The Silver King of the Flats

Tarpon are the perfect game fish, They have beautiful big silver scales, make spectacular jumps when hooked, eat a variety of live baits, lures and flies, and can reach weights over 200 pounds. Tarpon are everything you can expect from a game fish. South Florida is legendary when it comes to Tarpon fishing. No other location in the world offers the sight fishing style for Tarpon that you will find in the Keys. Tarpon make a yearly migration to South Florida in the Spring, beginning to congregate in the backcountry of the Everglades as early as February/March and then by April the fish start to swim along the edges of the flats in the ocean side, in schools ranging from 4 fish up to hundreds. From April to mid May, These fish will be heading south towards Key West to then go back up North from mid May until mid July. For the fly fisherman, we will be poling along shallow water flats, Oceanside edges and backcountry basins in search of cruising or laid up fish. For the spin fisherman, we will be fishing many of the channels that separate Florida Bay from the ocean side – drifting live crabs and mullet. There is also a resident population of Tarpon that can be fished all year, whether it is Downtown Miami around the cuts, beaches and passes ,or the backcountry of the Everglades. Once you hook one of these fish, chances are you will get addicted to it.


Snook are one of the most popular game fish in South Florida. They frequent a wide variety of spots. This includes estuaries, beaches, passes, inlets and flats (as well as freshwater canals and lakes). We will be mainly fishing the backcountry of the Everglades for these fish, whether it is live baiting channels and creeks or sight fishing with artificials and flies on the flats.


We will targeting these great fish in the Everglades National Park. We will be sight fishing groups of Reds tailing or individual cruising fish while poling over the flats. Or, we will be live-baiting creeks and channel edges. Redfish are possibly the most tolerant fish to any kind of weather and we can find them in the Everglades all year long.


I specialize in fly fishing for Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Redfish, Snook and Sharks in the beautiful and rich flats of the Florida Keys. Fly fishing is my favorite way of fishing, and I will give you the necessary instruction and coaching to accomplish your goals according to your level of expertise. I also offer fly casting instruction. Although, you should employ plenty of time practicing before your charter or hire a casting instructor. Let’s face it, The fish in the Keys are challenging, big and spooky. Whoever told you the opposite is not being honest. You need to bring your “A game” in order to be successful. Practice, practice, practice – before your charter.


Well, the name of my charter business says it all, the “Silver King.” I specialize in fly fishing for Tarpon. I’ve been passionate for Tarpon fishing all of my life and consider myself a Tarpon junkie. I just can’t have enough Tarpon fishing, whether I’m guiding or fishing myself!

Late Winter and Spring are my favorite times of the year, as the annual migration of Tarpon takes off, and the fish start moving to the backcountry, passes, inlets and ocean side areas of the Keys. Even though Spring is when we will find the major concentrations of fish, we can find Tarpon and fish for them all year long at different locations. Tarpon fishing on the fly is very addicting. Once you see a school of Tarpon swimming over clear bottom or a fish “laid up” floating motionless right beneath the surface, you will understand what I am saying. Then, you make a cast, that fish starts tracking the fly, cracks his mouth open, sucks the fly in, takes off jumping, cartwheeling, and ripping 150 yards off your reel. That will be it, you will be hooked for life.

I use a cage or “Tarpon cage” for those rough days of fly fishing for Tarpon in the ocean side. This is a great piece of equipment that will keep you from losing your balance and falling overboard. It is not easy to stand up at the front of the boat all day when the seas are rough. The Tarpon cage will save the stress on your back and knees. You will only have to worry about making your best shot, not about keeping yourself inside the boat during lousy weather.

In the Keys I fish out of Biscayne Bay, Flamingo, Key Largo, Islamorada, Big Pine Key, Key West and points in between these areas. During Tarpon season, Islamorada is usually my home base, but I trailer my boat to where the fishing is best or to where the weather will be best at any given day during the season. I offer mobility and flexibility.

My goal is to put you on fish and give you as many shots as possible that can result in bites or fish caught. Tarpon fishing on the fly is a learning process and takes time and many trips to develop the necessary skills to be a successful Tarpon angler. After you have developed “Tarpon fever,” you will decide where you want to get -whether it is tournament fishing, catching your biggest fish, or most fish in a day. The sky’s the limit.

First you should be a competent caster. If you have never picked up a 10wt, 11wt or 12wt please do not show up to the dock trying to learn while the fish are swimming. Even if you do it “a few times a year” it won’t be enough. Chances are that you will be wasting precious time and money. Please take plenty of time to learn how to cast months or at least weeks in advance before your trip. You should be able to double haul, develop line speed and have casting accuracy. Having a good back hand cast will also improve your chances of success. Average wind in the keys is 10 to 15 knots, with days having 15 to 20 knots winds or more being common. The fishing is almost always better during windy conditions. You will need to learn how to handle the wind. There are many books out there that address the aspects of fly casting and fly fishing for Tarpon. You can also find tons of info on the internet about the subject. I encourage you to document yourself as much as you can before your trip. Any money you spend with a reputable casting instructor is also money well spent. The same applies for the other “glamourous” flats species which are equally as challenging and demanding.


We will be using spinning tackle during a wide variety of situations from plug fishing, sight fishing, and live baiting fishing. Sight Fishing for Bonefish, Permit and Redfish with a spinning rod also requires skills and casting ability. Please practice casting at targets with a 10-12 pound spinning rod before your charter.

Let's go fishing!