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Capt. 'Orly' Muniz was drawn to the ocean from a very early age.  Growing up in Miami gave him the opportunity to spend a lot of time pursuing his passion of fishing.  Since he didn’t come from a fishing family he had to basically work his way up the ranks.

The early years were spent fishing from shore for snapper, snook, mackerel, sea trout, sharks, and anything else that would pull some drag.  Later the fishing moved over to the local party boats where he was introduced to species such as kingfish, and dolphin or mahi-mahi.  In the early 90’s he was introduced to live bait and kite fishing for sailfish, tuna, and wahoo.  It was at this point that he decided that he wanted to someday get his ticket (captain’s license) so that he could share his passion and knowledge of the sea with others.

Many moons later after graduating from Barry University with a degree in education he decided his time had come.  In 2006, he earned his captains license and established Nomad Fishing Charters.  Ever since its inception, the goal has always been to provide clients with the best fishing experience possible despite their own inexperience.  Captain Orly prides himself in using his teaching background and experience to educate those fishing with him in a way that helps them understand the fishery and the intricacies that relate to it.  His goal on every trip is to provide everyone with a safe and enjoyable experience insuring that they become clients for life.

Boat & Tackle Nomad Fishing Charters

Nomad is a custom built 28' Whitewater open fisherman powered by a pair of 2013 Mercury 150 HP four stroke outboards designed to get you to the fishing grounds quickly and safely. The “Key West Style” boat was designed with light tackle sport fishing in mind and holds 250 gallons of fuel giving it excellent range.

Plenty of rod holders allow us to carry a wide range of quality rods and reels from names like Daiwa, Shimano, Shakespeare, for just about any of the targeted species.  Besides the gear, all outfits are spooled with premium line and top of the line terminal tackle in order to keep your fish of a lifetime connected.

Two large livewells hold enough live bait for just about any fishing situation. After catching some fish, a huge coffin style box will hold plenty of ice to insure that your catch stays fresh. Another smaller Orca cooler will keep all of your drinks and food cold for the day.  The boat is also equipped with quality electronics from Garmin, Icom, and Clarion as well as all of the required Coast Guard safety gear from names like Orion and Revere.

History Nomad Fishing Charters

Kite fishing is said to have been invented hundreds or even thousands of years ago.  Early man figured out that bait suspended at or near the surface could be an extremely effective way to entice fish to bite.

Here in South Florida this highly effective method did not gain popularity until at least the 1960’s.  Some of the most legendary captains of that era began experimenting and developing some of the techniques used today.  Not only has the practice of kite fishing evolved but so has the equipment being used.

The Art

In the early years of kite fishing, kite lines were deployed and using manual reels and anglers fished one or two baits if they wanted to live dangerously.  All of this changed dramatically during the 1990’s when tournament sailfishing exploded and the prize money went through the roof.

Soon, teams figured out that with a little tweaking they could fish two or even three kites at one time.  During this time, most also started fishing three baits per kite and on some occasions four.  Add a couple of flat lines to this already impressive spread and it’s no wonder why some teams dominate.

Nowadays, kite fishermen continue to hone their craft by developing kites and techniques that take advantage of any weather situation from no wind to gale force winds.  Watching a top tournament team is like watching a combination of ballet meets mixed martial arts.

A Typical Spread

Of course, tournament fishing is very different from fun fishing.  A tournament team will often consist of up to eight highly experienced anglers able to monitor and manage an intricate web of lines and kites.

While fun fishing or charter fishing, a typical spread consisted of four to six lines flown off the kites, one flat line, and one line fished deep.  The exact spread is usually adjusted for weather conditions, experience level, and even bait that are available.

On windless days it is sometimes counterproductive to kite fish and the call is made to focus on a different presentation.

The Experience Nomad Fishing Charters

If you love the sport of fishing, you should definitely try your hand at live bait kite fishing.  Unlike other methods, this one will often allow you to see your target species actually pursuing the bait.

Sailfish and dolphin light up with excitement; and tuna, king, and wahoo skyrocket out of the water in an effort to capture their prey.  It can truly be a heart stopping, heart pounding experience.

Let's go fishing!