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We accommodate anglers of all skill levels and take pride in helping visiting anglers enjoy the ultimate Miami fishing experience. Miami fishing crew specializes in kite fishing the azure waters off Miami for nearly every game fish that swims in the Atlantic including sailfish, tuna, mahi-mahi, and wahoo.

Our commitment to provide thrilling sportfishing action through the great effort from our crew to both catch fish and provide a fun atmosphere. This affords visiting and resident anglers the opportunity to fish offshore without breaking the bank. Enjoy the benefits of custom tackle and a specialized vessel when battling the fish of a lifetime. Our mission is to provide an exceptional Miami fishing experience for anglers who crave deep sea fishing adventure or are in hot pursuit of big game bounty like swordfish, marlin, mahi, and sailfish.

Whether you join us for a 1/2, 3/4 day of fishing or full day fishing charter – every venture offshore begins with catching live bait for the day, unless you request to purchase live bait in advance (usually $50-100). South Florida provides us the ability to catch or purchase a wide variety of bait including: pilchards, threadfins, goggle eyes, and ballyhoo to maximize your chance of hooking up with a trophy gamefish. Healthy, fresh bait is the key to catching fish in Miami, FL. Purchasing bait is both a time saver and a good value, but we are happy to help you catch your own on each offshore trip.

Fishing in Miami requires offshore anglers to master and leverage many techniques depending on the season. You can learn more about what biting now by checking our Reports page, but rest assured that Miami fishing is HOT year round. For the most part, we specialize in:

  • Kite Fishing for Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Kingfish, and Wahoo
  • Sight Fishing for Cobia, Mahi-Mahi, and Tuna
  • Deep dropping and night drifting for Swordfish
  • Reef Fishing for Grouper, Snapper, and Kingfish

Visiting and Fishing Miami, FL USA

Miami, FL is one of the most diverse and beautiful cities in the United States. A variety of cultures from all across Latin America and the Carribbean provide an unparalleled melting pot of festive dining, music, and celebration. Considered to be the sportfishing capital of the United States, Miami, FL is a fisherman’s paradise – offering the finest in offshore and inshore fishing for nearly every Atlantic gamefish species. Anglers from every continent journey to Miami, FL to pursue sailfish, swordfish, wahoo, and mahi. The spring and summer seasons in Miami, FL are nothing short of amazing as migratory pelagic species arrive in massive numbers. It’s common during the summers to encounter massive schools of mahi while daytime sword fishing or kite fishing from a Contender 30ST or other boats for a variety of species. When the party ends at sea, it’s likely just getting started in Coconut Grove, Miami Beach, or Downtown Miami.

Meet the Miss Britt Boats

Please Call between the hours of 8:30 am – 6 p.m. for other questions regarding your trip.

Our vessels are U.S.C.G. approved for up to 6 passengers.  For comfort, we suggest up to 4 peopl on the Miss Cheyenne, 5 people on the Miss Britt I, and for trips with 6 passengers the large Miss Britt II is the best fit.

The most recent addition to our fleet is the Miss Cheyenne, a 26′ Goldline center console. The next largest, the Miss Britt I, is a custom built 34′ Express. Lastly, the Miss Britt II is a 43′ custom built Jim Bacle (Torres hull) made specifically for tournament fishing in south florida.

Trips rates on the Miss Cheyenne start at $650 for a half day trip to nearby reefs, the Miss Britt I starts at $750 and the largest Miss Britt II starts at $850..

Miss Cheyenne

The Miss Cheyenne is a 26′ Goldline center console that has been customized for all our offshore fishing needs.  It is perfectly suited to chase tarpon and trout in the bay, or hunt marlin and swordfish 20 miles offshore.

Miss Britt I

The Miss Britt 1 is a custom built 34′ Express. This boat was designed with one thing in mind, fishing. The Miss Britt 1 has all the amenities of her big sister, the Miss Britt II, while offering the fun and intimacy of a smaller fishing boat.

Miss Britt II

No expense was spared in the design of Miss Britt II. This ultimate fishing machine is a custom built 43′ Jim Bacle (Torres) specifically designed for South Florida tournament fishing.

This 43′ fishing machine is always staffed with full gear, and a top notch crew.

The mates and co-captains aboard the Miss Britt are always incredibly knowledgeable of the local fishery, and seasonal considerations.  Live bait is generally caught on a regular basis to ensure finding those exciting target pelagic species off the coast of Miami.

Capt. Ray and Team have many professional affiliations and sponsors including RayMarine.  Capt. Ray describes kitefishing aboard the Miss Britt fleet in the video below.

Miss Britt Miami Fishing Charters Team

Capt. Ray Rosher and his crew have been winning billfish tournaments aboard the Miss Britt fleet of boats and others for decades.

He owns and operates the Miss Britt charter fleet from Monty’s marina in Coconut Grove, FL, and has a legacy of success in South Florida fishing that spans three decades of tournament victories.  He also runs a fishing tackle business R&R Tackle with his wife Charmain.

Capt. Ray is the leader of a relentless breed of top notch fisherman who love putting people on big fish in blue water.   On any given day, you’re well served with a top notch crew that works as a team to guarantee a great fishing experience in Miami.

This professional team of anglers has well over a decade of combined experience and loves putting anglers of all skill level in the bite. Photo credit: Benjamin Drummond

Capt. Jason Cartwright

Capt. Jason Cartwright was raised in southern Illinois with a passion for the outdoors. While working for the USDA, he met Ray through a mutual friend and agreed to take him on a hunting trip in exchange for a fishing trip in Miami. It wasn’t long after that Jason packed his bags in 2002 and moved to Miami to start a new career as a fisherman. With 15 years of experience running these boats with Ray, he is one of the most knowledgable captains in Miami, and yet he still has the same down to earth and friendly attitude that he arrived here with.

Capt. Ryan Peters

Capt. Ryan Peters is a Miami local who grew up fishing these waters both inshore for tarpon and trout, and offshore for all the pelagic favorites. He loves being on the water so much that he moved out of his parents home onto a motor yacht anchored in the bay, just so he could always have a line in the water! Ryan fishes hard at work, and just as hard on his days off. He’s soft spoken and friendly with everyone he meets, but to the fish… he’s not so nice! With so much local knowledge, he typically captains the Miss Cheyenne solo, allowing him to fish both inshore for snook/tarpon/trout, and offshore for sailfish/mahi/tuna/marlin. He’s also the go-to guy to ask where to go out on the town after your charter.

Capt. Brett Wilson

Capt. Brett Wilson has decades of fishing experience, but you’ll never see him boast or brag. When he’s not racking up sailfish releases in Miami, he’s running his own charter business, Hindsight Sportfishing in Cape Cod and catching 1,000 pound bluefin tuna as a commercial fisherman. Brett also fishes all of the sailfish tournaments here in Florida, and has won the prestigious Quest for the Crest tournament series. He’s no joke when it comes to fishing, he’ll have you reeling in fish until you’re begging for mercy!

Steven Stallings

1st Mate Steven Stallings may well be one of the most accomplished fisherman for his age in south Florida. He started coming to the dock at the age of 14, asking for fish carcasses to use for shark fishing; until he was asked to come fish on a charter as a “ride along”. His passion and love for the sport combined with his outstanding work ethic quickly led to a position as a full-time mate. We’re willing to bet he wants to catch fish even more than you, so try your best to keep up with him, especially if you find a big school of mahi!!!

Let's go fishing!