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About Us (and Our Fishing Charters in Miami)!

Captain Dave Kostyo specializes in live bait, light tackle Miami fishing charters. 35 plus years of fishing experience include 23 years of charter fishing off the Miami coast. This has honed his skills for tarpon fishing, sailfish fishing, kingfish fishing, dolphin fishing, amberjack, tuna, cobia, wahoo and more!!

Captain Dave conducts seminars and clinics at local tackle shops, fishing clubs, sporting goods stores, and boat shows throughout South Florida. Call 305-620-5896 or e-mail [email protected] arrange a fishing clinic at your club or organization.

Captain Dave gives back to the community:

Captain Dave is an active member of the South Florida Fishing Club. He is a past president, board member, angling committee member, and even wrote a program to keep club catch records. He continually shares his knowledge with club members both one on one and through the numerous seminars he gives throughout the year.

Captain Dave is a past Board of Directors Member of the Metropolitan South Florida Fishing Tournament (MET) Committee.

Captain Dave is also a member of the IGFA and donates a guide trip to support the IGFA's Fund Raising International Auction & Banquet.

Dolphin Fishing In Miami

When we talk about catching dolphin, we are talking about the dolphin fish. Depending on where you're fishing, they are also known as mahi-mahi or dorado and all are one in the same fish. These colorful gamesters are the most sought after fish in our waters during the April, May, June, and July time frame. That's the time of year when they are most abundant; however, they can be caught year round in the waters off Miami and Miami Beach.

By and far, the most productive method of finding the dolphin is to use a run and gun technique. 

Kingfish Fishing In Miami

We call them kingfish or kings. They are in the mackerel family. If you look in fishing books or a fish identification guide, they'll be called king mackerel. Regardless of how you refer to them, they are silver missiles that will launch themselves skyward when striking surface baits or baits flown from a kite.

In the Miami and Miami Beach area we have two distinct runs of kingfish. One run occurs in the fall and the other in the spring. The fall run will have large quantities of kings that mostly consist of what are called snake kings. These are fish in the 5 - 8 pound class that zip lots of line off your reel and are fun to catch. Mixed in with them will be fish up to 30 pounds. The spring run features fish that average 10 - 15 pounds with plenty of fish up to 50 pounds mixed in. These fish will have you watching line melt off your reel at an alarming rate before they slow down.

Sailfish Fishing In Miami

Whether you call it Sailfishing or sailfish fishing, the action off the Miami and Miami Beach coast is red hot in the January through April time frame. That's the time of year when cold fronts pass through our area on a fairly regular basis. This in turn cools down the water temperatures and that drives the sailfish south through our area. When the air temperatures moderate and the water temperature climbs back up, you can expect the Sailfishing to get red hot again as they pass back through the Miami and Miami Beach area.

When you charter Knot Nancy for a day of Sailfishing we'll start by loading up the livewell with threadfin herring and/or pilchards. From there it is a short run out to the blue/green edge where we'll deploy kite baits, flatline baits, as well as bait on the downrigger. If the wind is on the light side the day of your charter, we'll still be able to fly the kite baits by attaching a helium balloon to the kite to help it get up in the air. We'll work both sides of the blue/green edge till we find the fish and the action begins.

Tarpon Fishing In Miami

In the Miami and Miami Beach area, we have a tremendous winter season for the tarpon. Large shrimp runs are what get the tarpon going at some point between mid-December and the first of January. Once they settle in around the Inlets, its steady action through the end of June. They feed both day and night, however, on most days it is the late afternoon till dark and thereafter that gets the nod for the most consistent and reliable action. When the tides are right, not only are the tarpon feeding at the Inlets, but they're also in Biscayne Bay and plenty hungry. I refer to catching tarpon in Biscayne Bay as Gorilla Tarpon fishing because the drags are set tighter and it's up to you to apply all the pressure necessary to keep the tarpon away from the many obstructions that can and will part the line. It is for all of the reasons above that aboard Knot Nancy; it is recommended that evening time is the best time to do battle with the mighty tarpon.

Bottom Fishing and Misc. Species fishing In Miami

The big four in the Miami and Miami Beach area are sailfish, tarpon, dolphin, and kingfish. They are, however, not the only species of fish that you might catch during your charter fishing trip aboard Knot Nancy. Read on and I'll give you an idea of various other species of fish that could be caught.

Mutton snapper are caught year round; however they are most prominent during the spring and fall months. These tasty fish can be caught on the bottom rod while drifting or anchored up on one of the many artificial reefs located off the coast of Miami Beach and Key Biscayne.

Blackfin tuna are primarily a spring time and early summer fish. First thing in the morning and last thing before dark is the prime time for this species of tuna.

Rates / Contact Us

Fishing guides in Miami are not hard to find. The hard part is finding a good one. As a full time guide, I offer you multiple advantages:

•    First and foremost, I am on the water constantly. On many days, I fish double trips. This helps me “dial in” on where the bite is happening.
•    Guiding is my full time occupation; I have no distractions with any other job. There are many part-time guides, whose primary source of income comes from their “other” job. Guiding is my sole occupation and source of income. 
•    I am an owner/operator. I book all my trips. You’ll speak directly with me, not a hired assistant or secretary. On the day of your trip, I am the one who will be your Guide/Captain.
•    The rate I quote includes all the services I provide. There are no hidden fees that you find out about on the day of your trip. Don’t be misled by guides who may charge less. There could be hidden charges that you find out about on the day of the trip; this could bring the cost of your trip up to, (or more than), an amount that is out of your price range.
•    All my business comes from repeat customers, referrals, advertisements in fishing magazines, and my website. I do not pay anyone commission to send me customers. Many guides do use a concierge or booking service. They pay huge commissions for other people to book their boat that can range from 20% - 40%. This does not ensure that the guide chosen is the one that is best suited to your needs.
•    Many charter operations sell fish as an additional source of income. They will give you a fillet or two at the end of the trip and keep the rest to sell. All edible fish, (within legal limits), that we catch belong to you. I also practice catch and release; the choice is yours.
•    My boat, fishing tackle, and equipment are in top notch condition to ensure that you have the best opportunity to make that catch of a lifetime. I put my reputation on the line with everyone I fish with and always strive to show you the best experience I can.
•    I network with several other top notch full time guides who, like me, believe in providing honest, top quality service. If the date you’d like to book is already taken, we refer to one another.
•    I am not an overzealous promoter of taxidermy (fishing mounts). I can provide the information for this service if you are interested. Remember it is not necessary to kill a fish to have a mount created.

Don’t chance the trip of a lifetime turning into an unpleasant experience. Get all the facts and all your questions answered before you book the date(s). I offer a variety of trips to fit everyone's needs. If you don't see the type of trip you'd like to take in the following list, give me a call or send me an email to inquire about it.

The rates quoted are per trip, not per person and are the same whether you are one (1) person or a group of up to four (4).

Half Day (7:00 am - 11:30 am) Or (1:00 pm - 5:30 pm)...............................$550.00 
Three Quarter Day (7:00 am - 1:00 pm)....................................................$650.00 
Full Day (7:00 am - 3:00 pm)....................................................................$750.00

Twelve Hour Charter...............................................................................$1100.00

Afternoon/Evening Combo
January - June Only 
(Eastern Standard Time = 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm) 
(Daylight Savings Time = 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm).............................................$850.00

Evening Tarpon
Four (4) hours (5:00 pm - 9:00 pm) Or (6:00 pm - 10:00 pm).........................$550.00
Six (6) hours (5:00 pm - 11:00 pm) Or (6:00 pm - 12 Midnight).......................$650.00

Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi) Only Charters
During May, June, July, and August
Three Quarter Day (7:00 am – 1:00 pm)........................................................$750.00
Full Day (7:00 am – 3:00 pm).......................................................................$850.00

Evening Bottom Fishing Charters
The rate for this type charter is the same rates as the ½, ¾, and full day as listed above.

Small Children Introduction to Fishing
This type charter is for small children who have little or no experience fishing. We fish for a variety of bottom fish and are more interested in steady action than size or quality of fish. Patience is not a virtue of most small children and steady action will hook them on fishing and have them wanting to come back for more. Four (4) hours will be more than ample on this charter............................$550.00 
If you have other questions, or for more information, or to book a charter fishing trip call 305-965-9454

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