Momi Ramen Restaurant

Restaurant Brickell, Food Chinese
(786) 391-2392
5 SW 11th Street Miami, Florida 33130

RAMEN or “La-Mian-拉麵” originated from China, popularized in Japan, consists of wheat flour noodle, fresh bone stock, and classic pork toppings.

Our noodles are made fresh daily using wheat flour imported from Japan. Why we make our own Ramen.

1. Taste

Longer shelf life = Less freshness.  Our noodles are made fresh daily throughout the day in our own Momi kitchen.  Our noodles are so fresh it never reaches the refrigerator; it is made then served to your bowl.

2. Safe and Healthy

With health as our #1 concern, we serve only fresh daily made noodles without any additives or preservatives!

Our Tonkotsu “pork bone” broth is composed of pork femur bones and chicken, kettle simmered for 18 hours with very regimented cooking methods.  We hand wash bone by bone, filtrate the soup 5 times during the 18 hour cooking period before the broth reaches your bowl. Bone Marrow in the femur bone gives a natural gelatinous texture and flavor to the broth.  Eating our Ramen, every bite of your ramen will have our delicious soup glued to every strand, NATURALLY.

Please watch our video of our Ramen in the making…