Fishing with Pete - 22" Pathfinder Shark Fishing

Fishing with Pete - 22" Pathfinder Shark Fishing

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150 SE 25th Rd Suite 10H Miami, FL 33129

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I have been fishing my whole life. As a degreed mechanical engineer I have a very technical approach to catching fish. Tides, moons, weather changes, temperature, and barometric pressure do influence the bite.

Growing up in south Florida, North Palm Beach, I fished a lot from bridges, the Juno Pier, the inlets and canals, as well as offshore and the Florida Keys. Now making my home in Miami since 1999, I am enjoying more time on the water. I have developed a schedule for fish bites and I have opened invitations for others to fish with me. My boat is a 22 ft Pathfinder powered by a Honda 130HP outboard, a great little fishing machine. We can go just about anywhere from the flats to the drop on nice days. My tackle is good, well equipped, and ready to fish at all times. My wish is for you to give me a call so that I can show you what the Miami fishery has to offer. I specialize in shallow water shark fishing and can really show you a good entertaining time on the water. Some of my videos are available for public viewing on YouTube. Just search for me by name plus the keyword shark. From YouTube search "Pete Meister shark". You will see some videos with clients from India, Brazil, Miami, and Canada.

I also catch other species depending on the time of year. Trout, Jacks, Snook, Grouper, Snapper, Barracuda, Sharks, Permit, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Sailfish, Kingfish, Bonito, and Tuna to name a few.

I speak English, Spanish, and some Portuguese.  Either way, we all can understand the language of catching fish.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Shark Fishing

Spend 3-6 hours fishing in the funnels (shallow waters) of Miami for sharks.  We fish the flats runoff during tidal movements for Sharks.  We have a wide variety of sharks in Miami. 

  • Lemon Sharks
  • Bull Sharks
  • Nurse Sharks
  • Blacktip spinners
  • Hammerheads

We catch the sharks and take victory photos.  After a few short minutes of photography, we release them to fight another day.

Inshore Fishing

Spend 3-6 hours fishing for an inshore variety fish using spinning tackle.

  •  Jacks
  • Barracuda
  • Trout
  • Snook
  • Tarpon
  • Permit
  • Snapper
  • Grouper
  • Ladyfish
  • Mackerel

  We provide the bait, tackle, drinks and fun.  If the weather is nice we may run just offshore for Bonita, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Kingfish or possibly a Sailfish.  It has happened before.

Nature Tour

Spend 3-6 hours exploring the Miami waterfront. View the city from a far, fish a little, stop at a local sand bar, search for starfish, manatees, dolphin (the "flipper" kind) and just take in the nature in the one of the most diverse habitats in south Florida.

A great chance for photos of Miami's unique backdrops

  • Viscaya
  • Miami Stadiums
  • Miami Skyline
  • Fisher Island
  • Famous Nixon Sandbar

We provide drinks and snacks, towels, a guided tour with some humor and facts mixed in.  Good fun in the south Florida sun

Go on a private snorkeling adventure in search of Florida spiny lobster.  Tour includes basic snorkeling instruction and a hands on lobster catching class including tickling and netting techniques. You will love this adventure.  All snorkeling is in less than 10ft of water....... And, if you are lucky, you will have lobster for dinner.  Only Available August 6 - March 31 (lobster season)

I am a fisherman and adventure seeker that knows the Miami area better than most charter boat captains. Born and raised in South Florida, I know where the fish hide.

Catch your first shark or first fish with me. We stay in the calm shallow waters that everyone can enjoy.  You wont believe the incredible experience that is just minutes away from downtown Miami.

I am proud to be an American and I am fluent in English and Spanish.  I even speak some Portuguese.